• Organize and prioritize the development of new features
  • Guide strategic code changes for performance and multi-physics
  • Nurture the broader Akantu’s community by organizing workshops and discussions


  • Computational Solid Mechanic Laboratoy (LSMS) – EFPL (Jean-François Molinari)
  • Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics Laboratory (EESD) – EPFL (Katrin Beyer)
  • Emergent Complexity in Physical Systems Laboratory (ECPS) – EPFL (Tobias Schneider)
  • Computational Mechanics of Building Materials – ETH (David Kammer)

Members rights and obligations

The members of the steering committee meet regularly to discuss and decide on the future development of Akantu. They are also entitled to direct and personalized support from the Akantu team to help them with code usage and development.
To join the steerring commitee, financial support to the development team behind Akantu is required. If you are interested in joining us, please contact akantu@akantu.ch .